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Bungsamran Fishing Park

We invite you to join us and experience the all new Bungramran Fishing Park. 
Our amazing new park covers an area of 128,000 square meters.
We will be ready to welcome and serve you beginning January 2017.
With 40 diverse species of game fish, both herbivorous and carnivorous,
in water depths of 30 – 40 meters, it is a fisherman's paradise.
For all who love fishing, please enjoy your favorite activity with
our gigantic fish from all over the world. We hope you will be especially
excited about our giant Mekong catfish,
which weigh in at 100 – 200 kgs.


コンセプト:「巨大魚満載」 2017年初めに開業 全国の水域から多種多様の「超巨大魚」が此方に大集合
腕に自信がある釣り師の皆様是非100―200キロのメコン大ナマズとチャレンジを。 面積128,000平方メートル、
水深30―50メートルで40種類以上の草食・肉食の両大形魚もあります。 !!!!!皆様の挑戦をお待ちしています!!!!!
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